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Record breaking results

With the media focusing constantly on negative business news, it’s refreshing to see some good news stories coming out; (yes, there are still a lot of businesses doing really well!)

Apple announce record breaking revenue & profits

This article, from my tech news blog, gives some background to yesterday’s announcement by Apple; that their figures for the last quarter are the best in the Company’s history!

Remember; Apple produce an expensive range of high quality products, which are non essential goods. They also operate in a market sector, which is supposed to be among the most challenging right now.

Great marketing + Great product = Great results!

The truth is, whether you love or loath Apple’s products and services, their marketing is superb. With the right kind of targeted marketing and a good quality product or service, there’s still a stack of potential out there, for your business right now!

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  1. good to see positive news today.hoping a little positive will turn this day around

  2. Jim, these observations are right on. Furthermore, it’s ultimately about the value that the customers perceive. No one in a moral business wins sales by force! It is a matter of communicating and demonstrating value that brings new customers and maintains that relationship.

  3. would you consider a minute of positive news for radiodentata.com

    we could call it good news with Jim Connolly – and we could brand the ending with For more good news subscribe to Jim’s RSS feed at jimsmarketingblog.com

  4. Oceania,

    Thanks for the comment. If you have a message for me, please use the contact page of the blog.

  5. Apple get’s it right. I have had nothing short of a good experience in any visit to an Apple store. Even during the holidays they make it easy to get in and out with those portable payment gadgets. So aside from the clever smart marketing, they carry it through to customer service which is key.

  6. Great marketing + great products. I agree that this is a winning combo. Too often you get the one without the other. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if no one knows about it, what good is it? Of course, if I have to choose, I would pick the great product over the great marketing message.

    One company that wowed me recently with their message followed up by an amazing delivery on their promise is Smart Mouth mouth wash. I wrote up a post about it on my blog. When a company delivers on a great marketing message, they have earned my loyalty.

  7. Scrapless,

    Thanks for the comment.

    You make a great point. I consider customer service as part of the overall service / product.

    The support / customer service is certainly something many people consider, before investing in a provider.

  8. Not sure that it is just good marketing. Great product and great marketing in the homebuilding sector for example might not lead to such impressive results at the moment.

    Just being realistic…

  9. The Middle Age,

    I take your point.

    I believe that those within home building (or finance), who ‘set their sails’ correctly right now, will come out of this stronger than those who just give up.

  10. Well Apple’s marketing is among the best. But I think what is missing is the loyalty in following that they can generated. Lets face it Apple are more cult-ish than the Moonies ever hoped to be 😉

    Okay, that’s a bit extreme but I think you get the point. Not to mention they have targeted one group that actually has disposable income in the younger groups with many of their products.

  11. Jim, the Apple story both highlights a very positive story amongst all the negativity but also highlights something that those who are failing are finding out to their cost – customer experience.

    Yes, Apple’s marketing is among the best and they do have a cult following.. because their customers feel part of an experience. Apple engage their customers where others don’t – that is why they have such a loyal following.

  12. nesh, great point, and Robert, I think you’re looking at an effect, not a cause.

    The funny thing is that in my recent experience, many new Apple customers are brand new to Apple and not cultish at all. As a result, there’s been a (sour grapes?) backlash from the Microsoft and Blackberry crowds that’s pretty interesting to watch. Much more negative than the Apple fan-boys have ever been…

    Interesting, wot?

  13. Stephen you might have a point there. I’m not a member of the Blackberry crowd… don’t do Microsoft… (I’m really not a fan of their OS – okay so Win98SE worked) but I’m no Apple Fanboy either. Here in SA an Apple notebook costs about twice the price of any other system so it’s pretty much an “elite” group that get their hands on them. It’s far more a status symbol than anything else.

    Negativity is something I’ve not really picked up so much from either group I’ve not really sensed “sour grapes” of any kind.

    I think nesh gets it right with the “belonging” point. It’s the elite belonging that’s the cultish part :)

  14. Robert, in the US, a similarly-equipped Apple costs about the same (and in some cases a bit less) than a Windows machine with all the necessary software and equivalent hardware. Most people, of course, don’t do an apples-to-apples, so don’t see that, however.

    Anyway, until at least Windows 7 (which looks like it will be what Vista should have been), Microsoft doesn’t have a competitive OS. Apple offers a much better user experience from the purchase to the unboxing, the interaction, and even getting service.

    And that’s what every business wants to do if they want to be successful.

  15. It is not just apple that does the marketing. The real engine that powers apple is its users…http://tastyblogsnack.com/

    She is one of many bloggers and technerds that are part of this apple like cult that is growing bigger and bigger across the world…

    Apple made it ok to be techy..they made it cool…

  16. @ Stephen: Oh the joys of living in a first world country where capitalism forces competitive prices. However, with Apple now using Intel chips… it’s a PC 😉

    I think Gebadia got it right, Apple is cool. Again I go back to my disposable income point that they are aiming all kinds of devices iPhone, iPod…etc. These are cool devices. A standard MP3 player isn’t, a Blackberry… isn’t. Heck my Nokia 9300i is uncool and a brick!

    Diversification is a great way of not putting all your eggs in one basket. This is where the Apple model has really won.

    I would love to see like vs like sales. ie. All PC notebook sales vs MacBooks, iPods vs MP3 Players and so on. I’m pretty sure this will prove my point.

  17. Great post Jim! But I believe it isn’t not just Apple & its products. It’s also the people surronding the projet. I do agree that a right targeted marketing + a great procudt = success.
    Can’t wait for more marketing success stories.

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