This mindset will crush your business

Are we blocking our own success, without even knowing it?

I speak with business owners all the time, who work long hours; yet because their mindset is wrong, they make little meaningful progress.  To explain what I mean, I want you to consider the following question.  It’s a question that we all ask ourselves, usually unconsciously.  Your answer will show what your current mindset is and whether it’s likely to work for you or against you.  Here’s the question:

Do you do whatever is required, to make your business as successful as it can possibly be OR do you do less than you’re capable of and just see what happens?

The mindset that crushes businesses (and dreams)

Many business owners, most of them in fact, do far less than they are truly capable of.  They never invest their full potential into their business.

Their mindset, is that they should hold back.  They often work long hours, but they work those hours doing the stuff they are comfortable with.  Only during times of crisis, are they prepared to crank it up a gear or two.  Then, once the crisis is averted, they go back onto autopilot.  In essence, these business owners only work with the correct mindset, when they have a problem.

The mindset of success

A far smaller group of business owners, decide to do everything they can in order to succeed.  They are curious to learn just what they are capable of.

Their mindset, if that doing just enough is never enough.  They constantly wonder; how far can I take this? Their passion and energy is contagious.  It not only powers them forward, it encourages others to join them and invest in their ideas.  This mindset is shared by every high achieving person I have ever met.

The fear of failure guarantees failure

It’s often said that the fear of failure is what stops people from really giving their all.  I have never understood the logic, but it suggests that by not putting everything we can into our business, we can console ourselves by saying; “well, I wasn’t REALLY trying!”, if that business then fails.

Here’s the problem with that approach:  The odds on us just coasting along, then suddenly being interrupted by success, are zero.  We must invest everything into our businesses, even the things we find challenging, if we want our business to deliver the rewards and lifestyle, which we want for our families and ourselves.  No one coasts their way to success.

Today, choose to give your business everything you can.

Then tomorrow, do the same.

If you are going to get stuck in a rut, make it this rut!

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