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15 Reasons to start blogging in 2014!


So, why bother blogging?

Here are just 15 reasons, why I recommend you add a business blog to your 2014 marketing mix:

  1. Blogging is the most powerful marketing tool I have ever seen, used or studied. Period.
  2. Considering all the benefits of blogging, the financial cost is tiny. A self-hosted WordPress site can cost less per week, than a latte at your local coffee shop.
  3. If you turn up and blog regularly, you will also show prospective clients that you are reliable. If you show up regularly for years, it shows you’re durable too. Think about that… before these people even speak with you, they will already know you’re reliable and durable. That’s a huge commercial advantage.
  4. Blogging makes you a better communicator. It causes you to think, really think, about your message. Through repeat practice, you learn how to get your message across with greater clarity too.
  5. New prospective clients will be able to discover you and your work, as your blog posts are all findable, via social networks and search engines. Think about it… hundreds, maybe thousands of prospective clients can find your work each day, at the exact point where they are looking for answers.
  6. If you like the idea of helping others, blogging is ideal. It allows you to reach and help people worldwide.
  7. Blogging gives you a wonderful creative outlet.
  8. There is no ceiling on what you can achieve from your blog. Blogs have changed hands for millions of dollars.
  9. … and many bloggers have gained a high profile within their profession, thanks to the success of their blogs.
  10. As a direct result of blogging you can meet amazing people and make a lot of great friends.
  11. To blog regularly with fresh ideas, you need to feed your mind with rich, mental protein. An active blogger is an active learner too.
  12. If you work hard enough, for long enough, you can become one of the most influential voices in your profession.
  13. If you are passionate about what you do, and you should be, your blog gives you a platform to share your passion.
  14. With thousands of people sharing content, for every one person creating content, useful blog posts can spread like crazy via social networks. There are millions of people on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc., eagerly looking for useful, interesting content to share with their friends.
  15. Blogging is also a lot of fun!

Jim Connolly

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  1. Couldn’t agree more Jim. I would add that you are unlikely to see many benefits from blogging unless it’s approached in a measured and strategic way.

    Although the financial cost can be very small, it does take considerable time and effort to maintain a successful business blog. People underestimating this side of it is what causes the majority of blogs to fail.

    • Great point about the need for a strategy, Tom.

      Many bloggers know what they want to achieve from their blog, but have no clear idea of exactly how to do it.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  2. What I love about blogging is that you don’t have to sell yourself to people. It attracts the right people to you if you give good value content.

  3. Spot on.

    When a site gets it right, like you do here Jim, blogging is the most elegant form of marketing available on-line or off-line.

    • Hi Gabby. As Nicky said earlier, there’s no need to push. Put what you do out there and let your readers know you’re happy to help them.

      Then, trust them to join the dots. If you get the balance right, they will.

  4. Plus, it can be great for your SEO if you’re linking back to your main site. In fact, it’s even better for SEO if your blog is part of your main site, because then your site is getting fresh new content on a regular basis!

  5. I have found that blogging makes me keep current on my industry as I’m researching constantly for the blog. I love having the outlet to talk about what I do in a more personal format.

  6. Agree with all your points. I’d add that it helps to build trust too. When you find a great blog, and follow it, you feel that you really start to get to know the writer.

  7. Blogging has increased my college grades! I use to be worried when I approached an essay; however, ever since I started blogging that fear is not even there anymore because I write on my blog every single day.

    Thank you for an excellent post!

    Victoria Douglas

  8. For our industry, which is focused on tourism, not like hotels who just rent rooms, we want guests to visit and stay an extra night! This makes a huge impact in not on our revenue, but the local economy.

    The blog is an extension of our website. There is only so much info you can add to your website, you don’t want to add music festivals, and odd events, quirky photos etc there. So the blog is a great place for ALL OF THAT! It is also a place to share you are a real person running a real business, not a corporation with hired staff.

    Our guests love to see the inns and outs of owning a B&B, when they see Tony raking mounds of leaves they just love it! It is the more personal stuff they really innjoy, and I am not talking about posting recipes and stories of grandkids. LOL!

    Here is our Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast Coffee Talk blog: blog.claibornehouse.net

  9. Blogging is an awesome way to express yourself, as you said. Where else can you say (write) something and have 200 eager listeners just waiting to read what you wrote?

  10. I started blogging in my old blog for the purpose of penning down my thoughts. THen I realized I can make extra income from the blog. As I learned more about blogging, it helps create a brand for myself. Yes, blogging is a very low cost way of marketing and branding.

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