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So, you want to be in high demand? Then read this!

Every business owner wants to build a service or offer products, which are in high demand. After all, without demand, a business is going nowhere.

Here are some thoughts on what drives demand and what we can learn from it.

What does it take to be ‘in demand’?

Let’s look at a few examples, which have one thing in common:

  • High quality is always in demand. Apple products sold in record numbers throughout the recession, despite them often being 300% more expensive than ‘budget’ alternatives.
  • A product or service, where the value clearly exceeds the price, will also be in demand. When a supplier has found a way to profitably sell a product, well below the typical market price, the product will be in demand.
  • Originality, which brings something of unique value, is always in demand. A work of art is a good example of this.
  • A product or service, which people need and is in short supply, will always be in demand. If you’re the only gardener in your area and there are lots of homes that need their gardens looked after, you will be in demand.

A common factor behind those examples, is that demand was driven by a product, service or situation being ‘non standard.’

The non standard approach to business

Think about it for a moment:

  • Apple sell non standard devices.
  • An extra low price is, by definition, non standard.
  • An original work of art is certainly non standard.
  • A product or service, where there is not enough supply to go around, is a non standard situation.

Most business owners will tell you that the safest thing you can do, is to play it safe, to emulate what you see others doing. Experience tells us that the opposite is true – that playing it safe is one of the riskiest things we can do. The more we copy others in what they do, how they do it and how they market it, the harder we will find it to get noticed. Whilst the non standard approach helps us develop demand, the standard approach acts as camouflage.

In short: Taking the standard approach pushes us into the background. High demand is the result of a non standard product, service or situation.

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  1. Absolutely, Jim, if you knew how many people told me I should make my website like everyone else’s or have standard packages.

    If you follow the herd, where is the exclusivity, the ability to think outside the box, the X factor that makes you stand out and be remembered?

    Im still not buying a Mac though! :P

    • Hi Jo. You’re right. Every time we follow the flock, we blend into the background.

      The world is not looking for ‘yet another’ average provider of average services to average people.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Hi Jim
    Late last night I read a very good article by copyblogger with the message of playing it safe doesn’t work and first thing this morning I read this. The message is a great one. Thank you.


  3. Great advice – learning to “Stand Out” from the crowd and be unique is one of the hardest things for people to realize is a necessity for their business.
    I love this statement: “The more we copy others in what they do, how they do it and how they market it, the harder we will find it to get noticed.”
    Our company motto is “Be Memorable” – you want people to remember you and your product, otherwise, you will get lost on the shelf.

  4. Hi Jim

    Great post – I think a lot of people do one of the two extremes which is where they run into trouble. They either take the “safe route” and completely emulate an existing idea (thus they can’t differentiate themselves) or they come up with something totally off the wall (the next big idea) and then waste time and money convincing people they need their product.

    I think where Apple succeeded, was they took products that were aleady in demand (phones, mp3 players), but then took those products and created a unique angle. Something as simple as making their devices white instead of black set them apart from what everybody else was doing.


    • Hi Phil. Thanks for the kind words.

      You’re right that it doesn’t need to be a HUGE or complicated differentiation. It just needs to have some kind of unique value. If the value is big enough, it works.

      Thanks for the comment and welcome to the blog, sir.

  5. Hello Jim,

    This is Sanjib.I am a writer and blogger and of course I want to be in demand. This does not mean that I shall stoop down to any extent to stay in demand. Always, I strive for uniqueness in what I write. But I would definitely like to learn the ways to be in high demand.

    Thanks a lot,


  6. Great advice.. standing alone and facing the crowd is the greatest thing that anyone could do.. also being unique is also what is important in business fields today.

  7. Very good points! Creating something of huge value, communicate that value to the market, sell it for a price the is perceive as value for money.

    Creating a product or service that is so unique that no one has it or can deliver it yet. And the key is to have the market knows about it – marketing. Because businesses can generate a decent profit with not so great products but good marketing. If you have great products and good marketing, the world is yours.

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