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Would your clients miss you if you stopped trading?

Here’s a great question for business owners to ask themselves: “Would people miss my business if I stopped trading?”

One of the best investments you can make in your business, is to constantly look for ways to be irreplaceable. Think of it like this:

  • If people want carrot flavour ice cream and you’re the only person who makes it, carrot ice cream lovers would miss you like crazy if you stopped trading.
  • However, if people want a predictable, good quality training provider, designer or consultant, etc., it’s relatively simple for them to find another good quality provider.

Not easy, but required

As a small business owner, there is enormous value in finding your equivalent of carrot flavour ice cream.

By being hard to replace, you give your existing clients no reason to look for another provider. Additionally, it is a great deal easier to successfully market a service, which offers unique value.

No, it’s not easy to develop a product or service that is irreplaceable. That’s why your competitors are not doing it and why the opportunity exists for you.

However, if you want to retain more of your clients, to generate more word of mouth recommendations and also earn the fees you deserve, it is required.

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  1. Considering the hectic weekend I’ve just had trying to get my websites up, I can say that the answer is a firm “yes,” although I don’t know why. I think it’s a great deal to do with how you treat people.

    People like to feel heard, and that is what I spend 90% of my communications trying to accomplish. I think establishing yourself as someone with a great product/service who cares is the key to being irreplaceable.

    • The way we treat others is indeed extremely important. Business is all about people.

      There are many ways to become irreplaceable (or at least extremely hard to replace). One of the best ways, is to develop a great relationship with our clients and marketplace. Of course, it also helps to constantly look for ways to make our services or products as valuable as possible

      Thanks for the feedback Corey.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Once again – Great post. Full complements to you on hitting the nail on the head. Especially when it comes to it being an “requirement”.

  3. I guess this is why the phrase “going the extra mile” coined Jim :-)

  4. Small businesses can easily build a strong brand by being dedicated to relationships.

    Of course it is important to have a great product, but creating a great atmosphere is equally as important as can be sustainable particularly in rural areas, where community ties are much stronger.

    I’ve come to realise that the best way for a business to remain sustainable is to be as interactive with customers as possible.

    They say that it takes ten times the resources to attract a new customer, as opposed to retaining an existing one; however, I believe depending on your style of business, some relationships are priceless.

    Make them a part of your life and you’ve earned a friend for life

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