How to love what you do

I’m in the process of launching a new site right now, dedicated to helping people think more creatively. You will love it! It’s a new and exciting project, which reminds me a lot of how I felt when I launched this blog, almost 4 years ago.

Interestingly, I am even more passionate and enthusiastic about Jim’s Marketing Blog today, than the day I wrote my first post. It is something that has grown into an increasingly important part of my life. This got me thinking:

Why is it that some projects enthuse and excite us more as time goes by, and others fade with time?

I’d love to hear your feedback on this, but here are my initial thoughts on the projects that continue to inspire and motivate us, based on my experience with Jim’s Marketing Blog.

Here are 4 things that came to mind immediately:

1. They are projects we have a passion for

This blog is all about marketing and business development, two areas I am passionate about. In addition, it also allows me to contribute and serve others, another key passion for me. The reason I look forward to working on this blog, is that it has never once felt like work.

2. They are projects where we see measurable progress in reasonable time

It’s a lot easier to be passionate about a project, when we can see our work paying off. The day I launched this blog, it had 1 subscriber (me) and a handful of posts. Today it has thousands of subscribers, thousands more daily readers, over 25,000 comments and it generates leads for my marketing business every day. Measurable progress is a great motivator.

3. They are projects that are consistent with our values

It’s hard to feel passionate about a project, when it runs against your values. I love the idea of giving as much free information away as possible. So much so, that every word on this site is offered to you under a Creative Commons license, which allows you to use it for free on your site or in your newsletters etc.

It would be harder to convince myself to write for you, if I was against the concept of giving freely to others.

4. They are projects, where we can use our creativity

The need to create is within all of us. From as far back as we can trace, people used whatever they had access to, to create something. From cave paintings and carvings, to the very first musical instruments, people have had a need to create. Writing blog posts on a regular basis is a very creative process and therefore provides a superb creative outlet. Projects that block you, for whatever reason, from pumping your creativity into them, are a lot less rewarding.

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